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I know I shoudn't make fun of them, but this is WAY to easy not to!!!!

"Gosh... Rei sure gain some weight, ever the anime ended..."

"Dear God, Someone PLEASE help them!!"

"Not bad, but Ryoko ears are NOT that big!!" >.<*

"YAY! Best one I've seen of Hinoto!" ^_^ nn

"AHH!! This is ONE reason that can make me hate loving Kanoe!!" -_-;;

"WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? WHO is THIS supposed to be?" 0_o??

"Oh my God!! Poor Utena and her back!" 0_o

"Gee Kenshin, you sure "Change" overnight..." 0_o

"So this what haapens when inu Yasha changes on a New Moon!" LOL

"KAWAII!! This girl here looks like my Feli-p!!" ^-^

"Did Gendo program you to do that? bad girl!" -_-*

Feel free to look at other pic here:
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