the old exploding bear trap in the ass trick (eleganceflawed) wrote in digitalflare,
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I saw an anime a long time ago, and I can't remember the title. It was in two parts, two separate videos. The main plot was there was this girl, who was a convict I think, and her mother was on death row. So the cops blackmail her into working for them, and she gets this super-special yo-yo thing. She has to unravel a conspiracy at this school where there are a lot of accidents that keep happening and killing off students. Turns out these three sisters are running the school, getting money and such, and through the course of the movie the one blonde sister kills the other two off. There ends up being a showdown on a rooftop, the blonde sister has a whip and the yo-yo chick kicks her ass. A chick gets raped in the beginning, and ends up killed.

Does anyone have ANY clue as to what the hell I'm talking about?
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